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The Crook County Foundation (CCF) cannot complete all of it's work with our board and staff alone, we are grateful for the dozens of people who volunteer their time, expertise, and connections to move forward our initiatives and goals for the betterment of our community.  If you would like to be part of any of the following committees, we welcome you to join us!  Please contact Brandi Ebner, Executive Director, at 541-362-1210 or or any of our committee chairs.

ARTS/CULTURE - Represents artists from throughout Crook County in performing, literary, and visual arts.  The goal is to connect and unite all types of artists, as well as provide new opportunities and exposure for artists.

[Sub of Arts] CC CULTURAL COALITION (CCF is a Fiscal Sponsor) - Is the local coalition that awards annual Oregon Cultural Trust grant funds to Crook County to arts and cultural programs. [Chair - Tom Jay]

[Sub of Arts] PICNIC IN THE PARK - Organizes the annual free summer concert series.  Committee members work to obtain sponsorships and select artists to perform, while also assisting with the event coordination. [Chair - Tom Jay]

LEADERSHIP - This group is working on a new Leadership focused Crook County Facebook group, monthly programming to build leadership skills, and to re-launch Leadership Crook County in fall 2021. [Chair - Becky Munn]

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION - A community-wide convener and facilitator towards broaden community discussion, acceptance, and knowledge; encourage collaboration between DEI work being done in our community; identify areas for DEI improvement in our community; foster and support creative ideas to expand cultural diversity in our community; and assist businesses and nonprofits with adding or updating their DEI policies.  [Chair Patti Norris]

EDUCATION - This group is comprised of those leading or conducting education in Crook County.  The goal is to see education as a whole and provide an important venue for collaboration and discussion.  This should lead to increased education for those of all ages in Crook County.

[Sub of Education] SCHOLARSHIP - Meets annually to review and select scholarship recipients at the high school and college level.

[Chair - Gail Merritt]

[Sub of Education] WHAT’S BREWING - Provides brainstorming and planning for What’s Brewing programs.  [Chair - Becky Munn]

COMMUNITY - Provide guidance to the board for fiscal sponsorships and other programs that CCF can conduct for the good of Crook County.

[Sub of Community] PADDY PINT RUN (Fiscal Sponsor) - Plans and conducts annual Paddy Pint 2mi/5k/10k run/walk around St. Patrick’s Day.  The funds from this event go to bringing the Tooth Taxi to Crook County, supports elementary school physical education programs, and funds CC On The Move programming.  [Chair - Tony Ramos]

[Sub of Community] CC ON THE MOVE - Meets monthly with representatives from many elements of the health community in Crook County and Central Oregon.  Provides advice, assistance, and collaboration to   program ideas, as well as produces a few events annually.

[Chair - Donna Barnes]

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