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For over 30 years, the Crook County Holiday Partnership has provided clothing, gifts, and food for children, disabled adults, and seniors in our community who are less fortunate during the Christmas season. 

Being coordinated successfully for years by Crook County departments, the program has been well supported and appreciated in our community.  In October 2020, the Crook County Foundation was asked to continue this timeless tradition, which we agreed to do with enthusiasm. 

The infograph to the left showcases the value of this program, with 1,484 individuals receiving food boxes, clothing, and gifts in 2020.  Out of that 475 individuals and families received food boxes with a complete Christmas dinner and enough food to put together at least 2 more meals.  We served 547 children under 18, 186 disabled adults and seniors, and 82 active or military veterans with clothing and gifts.

None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our community!  Facebook was our largest contributor, providing over $30,000 to launch this year's food purchases.  Many companies provided significant contributions as well: Fortis, Griffin Construction, Apple, and Eastside Church.  This does not even begin to acknowledge the dozens of small businesses, organizations, and individuals who donated cash, volunteer time, and purchase gifts off of our Tree of Joy tags. 

Our committee is working on building up new relationships in our community which will expand the Holiday Partnership program and increase the value of the program.  We welcome new volunteers to our core planning team or any of our sub task forces.


Committee members include:  Audra Shrauger, Thresia Moore, Linda Smith, Brenda Comini, Elise, Brad Larkins, Dave Freitag, and Kate Mura Erickson.

To learn more, visit:  www.CCHolidayPartnership.com