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The Crook County Foundation is seeking an Executive Director responsible for the fiscal management of the Foundation ensuring non-profit regulatory compliance, ethical management practices, financial sustainability and fulfillment of donor intent. This position oversees the Foundation operations and programs, maintains its public image and expands community outreach.  Cultivation and preservation of donor and volunteer relations, grant writing, management of community events and projects, competence in computer applications including maintenance of website and social media presence, and being an active community member are among the skill-sets needed in this position.  Equivalent work experience in high-quality administration is required.  Previous experience with non-profits and board leadership is preferred.

Wage:  Non-exempt.  Depending on experience.

Hours:  Flexible hours averaging 20 hours per week,

Environment:  This is a work-from home position, must be able to attend in person meetings and be available in Prineville regularly.

For FULL job description CLICK HERE

TO APPLY:  Submit a cover letter, resume, and answers to the following supplemental questions in a single PDF file to

  • You become aware of a wealthy community member who is interested in donating funds supporting a community program that fits into the objectives of CCF.  How would you approach them to funding a CCF initiative?

  • Give 2 examples of situations when you have had to juggle multiple concurrent projects/priorities. Describe how you stayed organized and prioritized the work while communicating with stakeholders.

  • Your board has committed to a big upcoming project, but the assigned committee members are not doing their part to move the project forward. What do you do?

  • You hear of a great grant opportunity for a possible activity that fits with the CCF objectives, but would be a new project for the organization. How would you pitch this to the board?

DEADLINE:  5 pm on Monday, January 31, 2022

QUESTIONS:  Contact us at or call 541-362-1210

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