Generous families, individuals, businesses and organizations have contributed scholarships to the Crook County Foundation for Crook County students who want to attend college or vocational/technical school. They know that post-secondary education is a factor in better jobs, stable families, and brighter futures and want to help students have that opportunity.  By submitting an application, you may be considered for the Crook County Foundation scholarships listed below:



To apply for scholarships listed here choose the application that best describes your schooling situation


An essay is required for all of the scholarships (no less than 500 words), describing yourself, educational plans, career goals and one of the most significant experiences, or people, in your life, and how that experience/person affected you. The essay will be uploaded as part of the application process. 

SCHOLARSHIP LIST (award amounts may vary based on available funding)

  • Band of Brothers, Prineville Chapter - Bob Ervin Memorial Scholarship - one $750 scholarship

    • Applicant must have a veteran in the family (sibling, parent, grandparent, great grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.) – their name, rank, and branch will be asked in application

    • Minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher

    • Essay of up to 500 words about the importance of the military

    • Available for students going to a 2- or 4-year college or trade school

    • Student must reside in Crook County at time of applying but may attend a school other than Crook County High School.

  • Best Western - Priday Family - two $1,000 scholarships

  • CC 4-H, Liberal Arts focus - one $1,500 scholarship

    • Student must have participated in at least 3 years of 4-H while in high school

    • Preference is a student going to a liberal arts college

  • Doris Cutright - nine $2,500 scholarships

    • Scholarships awarded to returning college students, and adult and non-traditional students returning to college, or starting college some years after high school.

    • Student must be Crook County residents and be attending college or trade school with the sole determination that education will increase beneficiary’s ability to become employed.

    • Student need is a determinant; ability of student to complete educational goals based upon other financial aid available

    • Considerations: extracurricular activities and academic ranking in high school class

    • Scholarship may be awarded to same student in additional years in extraordinary circumstances and if student applies and is considered equally with other applicants

  • Endura Products - one $1,000 scholarship

    • Preference will go to a student with a family member employed at Endura Products

  • Holliday Family Trade Program - one $1,000 scholarship

    • Student going into a trade profession

  • Howard Tocher Memorial Trade - one $1,000 scholarship

    • CCHS or home schooled graduate from Crook County

    • 2.5 minimum GPA

    • Must be going into a construction/automotive trade

    • Preference to an athlete but not a requirement

    • Preference for students who have strong community service

  • Horton Family Science - one $1,000 scholarship

    • CCHS graduates

    • Preference to ROTC, community service, and employment during high school

    • Student must be pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree

    • Student must have successfully completed Biology, Chemistry, and Physic courses with a 3.5 GPA in high school

  • Larry and Debbie Smith Community Investment  - one $1,000 scholarship

    • Applicant must show commitment to community through investment of time and energy

  • Lawrence and Carol Weberg - two $500 scholarship

    • CCHS graduating seniors attending any two- or four-year FAFSA-accredited college or vocational school in any state. Preference given to attendance at vocational schools emphasizing in medical, engineering, electrical, mechanical, or agricultural.

    • No minimum GPA or preference for college major

    • Preference given to (1) Post and Paulina students, or (2) students from farm or ranch families

    • Previous recipients may reapply but preference given to graduating seniors

  • Lucie Morrison - one $1,000 scholarship

    • Scholarships awarded to Crook County graduating seniors or returning college students

    • attending an accredited college or vocational school

    • Minimum 3.0 high school GPA

    • Previous recipients may reapply, but preference given to graduating seniors

    • Applicant must be a first or second generation immigrant or adopted immigrants.

  • Mt. Jefferson Odd Fellows Lodge #196 - one $500 scholarship

  • Powell Butte Community Center - one $500 scholarship

    • Recipient must be a Powell Butte resident, however may attend any form of high school

  • Priday Bros - one $2,000 scholarship

  • O’Ryan Ranches - five $1,000 scholarships

    • Crook County graduating seniors attending an accredited college or vocational school

    • Preference given to rural students

    • Minimum 12 hours of community service within the last 12 months

    • No minimum GPA

    • Accounting, engineering, or science majors receive preference

  • Robert and Nancy Komlofske Family - two $1,000 scholarships

    • Two scholarships shall be awarded each year to CCHS graduating student/athletes attending an Oregon university, college or community college.

    • One scholarship shall be awarded to a male student/athlete and one to a female student/athlete.

    • Recipients must demonstrate financial need and have a minimum 3.0 GPA

    • Applicants must have participated in and completed the season (unless injured) in a sport representing CCHS during his/her senior year

    • Students must complete the first semester or first two terms of college in good standing academically and will receive the scholarship the last term or last semester of their freshman year of college.

OSAC APPLICATION:  Deadline was March 2, 2020

Completing the OSAC application will enter you in for over 500 scholarships (visit www.OregonStudentAid.gov).  The ones listed below are specific to Crook County (award amounts may vary based on available funding):

  • J. Paul Rowan

    • Graduates, or graduating seniors of CCHS with financial need

    • May be renewed if recipient reapplies, shows adequate progress toward a degree, remains in good academic standing, and has continuing financial need

  • Dale and Mary Craig Memorial

    • Graduate of CCHS

  • John D. Houston

    • CCHS graduate

    • Student selected by CCHS physics teacher and counselor (or science teacher if there is no physics teacher)

  • Lyle Family

    • CCHS graduates attending full-time at any college, university, vocational school or community college in the US

    • Preference to graduates completing ROTC program at CCHS and planning to continue ROTC in college.

    • Preference to students with 2.5-3.5 GPA

  • Lookout Mountain

    • Must attend public Crook County High School

    • Intended for students planning to go to an Oregon university (but may start at a community college)

    • May apply for renewal, but preference will go to high school senior

    • Preference for student in top 15% of class

  • Dorothy Edwards Hatch

    • CCHS graduating senior or recent graduates

    • Enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program

    • Female, potential for academic success, demonstrating financial need

    • Renewable one time with reapplication and if criteria is met

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