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What better way to invest in the future of Crook County than helping our citizens accomplish their goals?

The Crook County Foundation hosts two types of scholarships – Annual Scholarships from contributions that are made each year, and Endowment Funds whose donors wish to establish life-long ‘forever’ scholarships with larger donations generating interest income that is then applied toward scholarships every year.

Thanks to generous donors who support our youth by contributing to CCF’s growing scholarship endowment funds, Crook County Foundation now administers more than 20 family, individual, and business scholarships and has invested over $900,000 to ensure scholarships will be available to Crook County Students long into the future.  

In October 2012, the Foundation announced a large endowment gift from Doris Cutright. Doris lived in Prineville for over 50 years and when she passed away, she wanted to establish a lasting scholarship fund. Doris requested certain criteria for the scholarships, one of those being that each scholarship award amount to $2,500. She also wanted the scholarships to be awarded to current, or former, Crook County graduates wishing to pursue higher education through a four-year college or a trade school. The Foundation, honored to be selected as stewards of her generous gift, has invested the money with the Oregon Community Foundation and anticipate being able to award approximately $25,000 in scholarships per year.

Not only does the Foundation offer scholarships to students attending college, but we welcome other opportunities that encourage education at all levels.  Do you have a passion to encourage others to better themselves?  Let’s talk and see if we can be the inspiration to make your dreams become a reality!


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